Saccharin could sweeten the deal for cancer-fighting drugs

In an exciting new discovery that could bring about significant progress in cancer research, it appears that saccharin, an artificial sweetener, can bind selectively to a protein involved in many aggressive forms of cancer. Since the protein is similar to many others that are abundant in the body, finding a way to target this specific […]

The strange way a diabetes drug may help skin scars

Research at Stanford University has determined that skin scarring is mostly the work of structural cells called fibroblasts. When these cells are inhibited in mice, scars did not form, nor was there a compromise in structural integrity of the skin. A currently approved drug for treating type II diabetes has been shown to inhibit a […]

Athlete’s foot drug may be MS therapy

Animal research has shown that common topical drugs used to treat eczema and athlete’s foot can encourage regrowth of myelin coating in damaged nerves, which may slow or stop disease progression in¬†multiple sclerosis patients.¬†Clinical trials have yet to begin, but research on human cells in vitro has been promising, and researchers at Case Western Reserve […]