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Nutraceuticals & Familial Dysautonomia

Familial dysautonomia is a debilitating pediatric disorder characterized by symptoms such as cardiovascular problems, increased sensitivity to pain and temperature, gastrointestinal dysfunction and increased occurrence of pneumonia. If left untreated, most children with the disease do not live past the age of three (1). However, recent breakthroughs in FD research have revealed that common nutraceuticals […]

Itraconazole & Cancer

The anti-fungal compound itraconazole was developed in the 1980s, and suppressesĀ fungal growth by inhibiting membrane function in fungal cells (1). But a 2007 study showed that the drug also has potent anti-cancer properties (2). Further studies of itraconazole on its own, and combined with other medicines, showed that it was an effective treatment for cancers […]